In a way, fitness informs everything we do. Consider that if you’re in good shape and have a healthy lifestyle, you’re going to have a number of side benefits. With more energy available, you’re better able to tackle tasks at work. Physical exercise has documented cognitive benefits, so you’re able to work smarter and more efficiently. Exercise elevates your mental health, and you’re likely to have a positive mood and just plain feel better.

But perhaps you’re not quite there yet. You have goals. You want to lose some weight, gain some muscle, live a healthier life. You need help, and you need results. We know what that feels like, and that’s why we’re committed to helping everyone. With 12 years of combined experience, our staff has extensive training in proven fitness methods like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), functional movements, and boot camp-style workouts that can be adjusted for any fitness level.

We also specialize in injury prevention, because your workout is supposed to make you healthier, not break you down. This all takes place in an environment that’s positive and supportive. We’re building a community where everyone wants to do the work to live healthier, and we have each others backs when we succeed and fail. The only thing that’s missing is you.

You might think you’re too heavy, too old, too whatever. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, only where you end up.

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Our Staff

With over 12 years of combined experience, the team at Elevate Fitness Orange Park is all about providing results. We work with people from all walks of life, everyone from elite athletes to “regular” people working to get in shape. It’s our belief that we’ve got the best training and team, and we’re proving it to our clients every day.

Our team works closely together, and the odds are that you’ll likely meet and work with all of us. If you have any questions or concerns with any aspect of your training program, don’t hesitate to speak with any team member as we can all help you. Below, you’ll find a little more information about every member of the

Elevate Fitness family.

Coach Ray Carr

Owner & Coach

University of North Florida- Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology

American College of Science and Medicine (ACSM)- Exercise Physiologist

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)- Certified Personal Trainer

Athletics in Fitness Association of America (AFFA)- Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Functional Aging Institute (FAI)- Certified Functional Aging Adult Specialist

AFFA- Injury Prevention Specialist

Coach Tricia Tita

NASM- Group Fitness Instructor

NASM- Nutritionist