Overcoming Over-Indulgence

This is when it counts… through the holidays!

2 tablespoons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar EVERY DAY.

Breakfast (within 45 mins of waking up)… 2-3 eggs (scrambled or hard boiled), avocado, turkey bacon or sausage, pork is ok in moderation, cheese (deli   cheese), Zero Greek yogurt, fruit, whole wheat toast, granola, steel cut oatmeal for breakfast is ok, and any other foods you feel may be healthy. Limit the fruit to less than 3 servings for the day, the earlier in the day the better.

Snack… nuts, broccoli, cheese, fruit, celery, nutrition shake

 Lunch… VEGETABLES (green leafy) and a protein. Sweet potatoes are ok for lunch, not dinner.

 Snack… nuts, broccoli, cheese, fruit, celery, nutrition shake.

Dinner… VEGETABLES and a protein. No fruit, no carbs after 6pm.

You should eat every 2 hours. Along with the Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, you should drink plenty of water and start the morning off with room temperature water and a lemon and you should have another glass in the evening.

Try for 6-8 servings of vegetables every day.

Get your protein within 1 hour of your workout.

Keep baked potatoes, pasta, and rice out of your meals if possible.

Ray Carr